Q&A with Lola Berry 

1. You’re one of Australia’s most recognisable nutritionists – where did the health journey begin with you?

Do you reckon? Haha, I never think that about myself but I guess I’ve been a nutritionist and health writer for a long time now. 

The health stuff all started when I wasn’t healthy at all; I was a party animal, makeup artist as well as DJ. And surprise surprise I had a crush on my DJ teacher so I went on this “summertime detox” in a bid to feel good in my togs at the beach. I couldn’t believe how good I felt just eating real food and nourishing myself. I slept better, was in a better mood, had better skin. Then I became so fascinated with health and how it could nourish us. And it didn’t take too long for me to start studying for a health science degree majoring in nutritional medicine. 

2. Have you had any personal setbacks to health? If so, how did you address this?

Nothing too major, while I was studying I figured out I had a few food intolerances id ignored and I had thought for so long it was just normal to feel bloated ALL THE TIME.

My journey around mental health has been one I’ve had to address and seek help for. I’m 3 years straight now with weekly therapy sessions, getting help for my mental health has been a real game-changer for me. 

3. Does being healthy come naturally to you or is it something you work on constantly?

I think now it comes naturally because I’m guided more by how I feel as opposed to what people think of me. That comes with age I think. In my twenties, I was insecure. 

That said, I defiantly fall off the wagon (more times than id like to admit) but I usually come back to my goal of feeling good. 

4. In your clinical experience what are the most common concerns amongst clients?

They say you bring in a mirror; so I had a lot of eating disorder clients, weight management clients and ultimately people with unaddressed mental health stuff that I’d end up needing to refer. It was a total mirror as I was dealing with my eating disorder and needed to get help. 

5. Have you witnessed a growing prominence of certain conditions that worries you?

Not specifically but I rarely practice at the moment. I stopped taking patients when covid hit. 

6. Is there a general code or mantra that you live your life by?

If you’ve got a dream then you have to go for it; you’re the only person who can get you there and you’re the only person who can stop you.