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Hi I’m Scott Gooding!

I created The Scott Gooding Project with one objective in mind - to support, help and guide people on a journey towards better health. Please help yourself to my recipes. They are all gluten free, anti inflammatory and made with love. You’ll also find health programs designed to help you lose weight, fight inflammation and gain vitality, as well as blogs galore to educate yourself on all sorts of healthy topics. For those wanting to jump right in and begin a new health journey with guidance and support, I offer one on one personalised health coaching. Shoot me an email and let’s get started!


Latest Recipes

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Cafe de Paris Butter

There are fewer things in life better than a steak and dollop of cafe de Paris butter.  There is a...

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Roo Bolognese | Scott Gooding Project | Keto Recipe | Health Coach Aus
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Roo Bolognese

Kangaroo is considered to be a sustainable food source. As they are native to the land and climate, kangaroo have...

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Beef Rogan Josh | Scott Gooding Project | Keto Recipe | Aus Health Coach
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Beef Rogan Josh

I'm excited to be sharing something with you guys very soon.  It'll a one-stop-shop for health and fitness and accessible...

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Chicken Livers w Asparagus & Mushrooms | Scott Gooding Project | Keto Recipe | Health Coach
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Chicken Livers w Asparagus & Mushrooms

I just made this for a dear friend of Matilda's whom had dropped round - it was the first time...

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'Leftovers' Soup

This was a recipe born out a necessity to clear out some ageing vegetables to make room for fresh replacements....

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Anchovy butter

Growing up in the midst of the low fat movement butter was always perceived as a treat and something we...

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'Man' Stew

After Matilda and I had finished this meal she looked up and said that I cook very masculine food...I have...

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Pan-fried chicken liver w silverbeet

Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I've chowed down on offal.  Not only does it have incredible nutrient...

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Recondition and Maximise Your Life

When life gets hectic and stressful, your body takes the brunt of leaving you feeling tired and unmotivated. Reconditioned.me is an 8-week program comprising of mindset coaching, meal plans, effective workouts and mindfulness practice. The Reconditioned.me team has years of collective knowledge and expertise which has been conveniently packaged for you. We have done the hard work, research and cooking in the test-kitchen to ensure the program is simple and effective. During the 8 weeks I have absolutely no doubt you will look and feel better within yourself; you’ll then become the inspiration to the people around you. Your inspiration will cast a ripple, helping others become a shinier version of themselves.

Health coaching Australia | Holistic health coach | Keto diet cookbook Scott Gooding
Health coaching Australia | Holistic health coach | Keto diet cookbook Scott Gooding

Online Health Coaching

Scott Gooding has been working in the health and fitness industry for over fourteen years. With a degree in exercise science, nine published health/cookbooks to his name, and his own online health programs, he has forged an impressive path in the Australian health space, often being asked to talk at and host events, as well as taking on Ambassador roles for prominent health brands. Scott has made health a priority for himself and his family, but more so than ever his passion is to inspire everyday Australians to get back in the kitchen and become the custodians for their own health.

Sleep and Immunity

February 10, 2021

Even if you exercise regularly, eat like a champion, and meditate like a Buddhist, if your sleep is sub-optimal you could be setting yourself up for neurology disease. Don’t shortchange your health by not getting enough sleep and/or undo all the good you’re doing during the day.

The Keto Diet

By Scott Gooding

A holistic perspective on the Keto Diet and the best lifestyle approach for health & longevity. Understand the framework and foundation for health, includes 100 recipes. Foreword by Dr. Cliff Harvey. Published by Hachette 2018

The Keto Diet Cookbook


I can tell you your 30-day program really changed my health in a positive way. I lost a little weight too. If I did it for another 30 days I think people would really notice. Thank you


After changing job roles & juggling 4 children I found myself needing a boost in energy & a kickstart with my health that would work with the demands on my time. Reconditioned Me not only increased my overall energy levels & concentration, it allowed me more time with the family. With the week's menu planned & the flexibility of being able to train at home I was able to sail through the tailored fitness program, plan shopping which reduced stress at the end of the day & stopped any hungry shopping trip fails. For me the support & flexibility meant I understood how the whole being program worked best for me, it also accommodated my pickiest eaters, which fun, tasty recipes which became family faves. From increased sleep quality to full body toning I can't recommend this program enough.


When I decided on my initial appointment with Scott Gooding back at the end of May 2020, I had been having some serious digestion and chronic gut issues. Landed me in at the doctor, getting an ultrasound, bloodwork, etc. This has been going on long enough, it was time to take a closer look... 2 1/2 months after working with Scott, I have a deeper understanding of nutrition, sleep, knowing when to eat, and when to not, and the benefits of fasting. So much I did not know, and I continue to learn! I recovered very quickly from knee surgery. (Even my Dr surprised how well I recovered) I have lost weight and my digestion is back on board. Aside from everything I'm learning and applying, I just feel so much better overall. Thank you, Scott Gooding! I am incredibly grateful!


As a chef working in an Italian restaurant I found it really hard to lose weight...all those beautiful carbs. Then I found your book. randomly on a shelf in a bookshop. It was a bit of a struggle with mood changes, keto flu, etc. I tested for ketone levels using the urine strips and it's a positive... I am in Ketosis.


I have always understood that sustainable quality weight loss was about a change in lifestyle not a quick fit diet but when you live a fast pace life – it was almost impossible for me to have the consistency and discipline to stick to what seemed the perfect lifestyle plan in theory. Coaching with Scott literally changed my life. It took a few months but he removed all the built up stress I had created about my weight and the more he educated me the more empowered and positive I felt. Every piece of advice he gave be felt ‘doable’ and as I implemented his advice step by step, the weight started to stop increasing and begin a decreasing journey. The Keto methodology had an immediate positive impact on my body and it’s a lifestyle that I have been able to sustain for over six (6) months now.


Thought I'd share with you, Scott... I'm now intermittent fasting AND eating mostly Keto trying to move to full. And never. felt. better!


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