Nutrition and Cooking Masterclass w Scott Gooding

Why a Masterclass?

If you’re currently feeling uninspired to cook then you’re not alone. I’ve been working in health, fitness and nutrition since 2005 and understand the challenges we face. It is for that reason I have established a nutrition and cooking Masterclass to reinvigorate your love and passion for cooking….and, by proxy…your health!

Never in our history have we experienced such convenience with our foo.
We are actually living in an age of ultra-convenience whereby food can be delivered at a moments notice from the technology sitting in our hand. Food in our supermarket aisles is processed and packaged ready to be reheated. It’s no wonder we can feel disconnected from cooking or detached from the unity that cooking brings.

What is it?

An intimate nutrition and cooking class with Scott at his beachside home overlooking Whale Beach conducted over 3 hours.  Perch at the kitchen bench and let’s discuss what it means to be healthy whilst cooking delicious food.

  • Scott will talk through the kitchen essentials and basics to ensure delicious meals and good health every-time, before sharing his passion on nutrition and food.
  • Establish any health areas you’d like to drill down on
  • Cook three delicious and nourishing dishes
  • Unpack what it is to be healthy
  • Understanding holistic health
  • BYO wine / Lunch on the balcony
  • Signed copy of The Sustainable Diet

How much is it? 

  • $1100 plus GST (1-3 people) food included
  • $1300 plus GST (4-6 people) food included


  • $1500 plus GST + flights/connections
  • Food costs

Need a gateway to the beach?

Need somewhere to stay to really unwind and relax check out our B&B in Avalon (NSW).  For more details on this head to SunKissedCasa


Cooking Masterclass | Holistic Health Coach | Keto diet
Cooking Masterclass | Holistic Health Coach | Keto diet