Let’s Cut the Bulls#*!

“Let’s Cut the Bulls#*!” is a no-nonsense approach to improving your health – because there’s a lot of bulls#*! out in the wellness space. Australians want and deserve to know the practical and tangible steps that they need to take to regain their health. By simply embracing natural food and reconnecting with yourself for 30 days, it’s possible to improve your body and your mindset.

You’ll get an email from me every morning that outlines exactly what you need to do that day. I’ll show you how to banish the nutrient-dead food from your plate – and the simple, good food you should replace it with – along with daily reminders to sprinkle in some exercise and to set aside time to look after yourself.

Your promise to me is that you’ll grab onto my advice and won’t let go. My promise to you is that, if you do, you’ll feel super-human in 30 days. Let me be your Personal health and wellness coach Today.


I believe that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge of how to eat well, and intuitively know how to optimise their wellbeing. If this is your first time taking control of your health, I want “Let’s Cut the Bulls!#t” to be for you. I’ve made a program that’s clear, straight-forward and – most importantly – actionable and affordable!

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Will I lose weight on this program?

LCTB strips out any nasties in our diet and prescribes an ‘all-natural’ diet for 30 days. This is an optimal diet to auto-regulate appetite, curb cravings and lose excess body fat – your personal coach to health and wellness.

Is it easy to follow?

Yes – I lay out the guidelines from day one. I’ll be in touch every day with advice and tools to help you stay on track and ensure your achieve your personal goals.

I’m used to a high carb diet, am I allowed to eat any carbs on this program?

Yes – the LCTB protocol is one that promotes all macronutrients. When it comes to carbs it’s about having the appropriate amount for your energetic needs and ensuring they are from natural sources.

Will this program get me into ketosis?

The principle aim of LCTB is to help auto-regulate appetite and get you chomping down, on delicious natural food. One byproduct of this approach could be that you achieve ketosis but this will depend on carbohydrate intake, sensitivity to glucose, and activity level. For more information on this sign up for a one-on-one holistic nutrition coaching session with Scott.

When will I start to feel the “superhuman” effects of the program?

Good question – the answer depends on what your particular starting position is, however, I’m confident you’ll feel good after a few days and great after just one week.

Am I allowed to drink coffee and alcohol on this program?

Coffee – Yes.
Alcohol – No.

Coffee is helpful for ketone production, promotes cell cleansing, productivity and assists in fasting.

Alcohol on the other hand is a gateway to poor food choices, more alcohol and disrupted sleep.

How strict do I have to be?

The more strict you are the greater the result. It’s only for 30 days so the more compliance, the better the outcome. You’ll hear from me every day so you won’t be alone.

Can I keep the information I’m sent?

Sure can – you can archive the daily emails/videos and store them in an easy to access folder.

Do I need any specific weights or equipment to do the exercise component?

No need to purchase any expensive shiny equipment if you don’t want to. Moving every day is important but LCTB promotes green and blue workouts which are done in nature or water respectively so no need for equipment on those days. On the home workouts, it can be all bodyweight exercises. Easy!

How much does this program cost?


What are the benefits of this health program?

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Fat loss
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improved clarity

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