How to beat roulette in casino

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Today, wishing to tickle your nerves, get a portion of adrenaline, relieve nervous tension and relax with the help of gambling no need to go somewhere. All this can be done easily, without getting up from the couch. All you need to do is to turn on your computer and go to an casino. Among those wishing to have a separate category of players who seek to casino only for the purpose of making money.
Most of these visitors casino online choose to earn the oldest, still popular in the real and online casino roulette. This online casino gambling draws attention to the simple rules and if you are lucky, you may win a large cash prize in real money casino.

Popular types of roulette at the casino online

Varieties of roulette in casino quite a lot, they may have different rules, but the principle of the game is almost the same. There is a wheel with numbered cells, a running ball and a table on which to place bets. The player simply has to guess a number or colour that the ball will fall on after spinning the wheel at casino online.
The most popular among gamers today is European roulette with a 2.7% profit for the online casino, and American roulette with a 5.3% profit. Naturally, for the player in the real money casino European roulette is more profitable, because its percentage of payout is 97.3%.

How to beat roulette in online casino

There are virtually no win-win methods in casino, which guarantee stable roulette winnings. But there are tactical strategies for playing online casino, which increase the probability of winning several times over. One such method for roulette games at the casino online casino is the Martingale roulette system.

Martingale method in real money casino


This simple casino game strategy was invented for roulette three centuries ago, but even today enjoys great popularity among its fans. The scheme of the game is as follows:
1. the player on a particular number or colour makes the minimum bet.
2. In the case of losing a bet in the casino online, the following, increases already twofold. When winning all the money previously lost shall be returned with a profit, which is equal to the amount of the first bet in the online casino.
3. After winning the game starts again with the minimum bet in real money casino.

Nuances of casino strategy

Remember, the strategy in the casino can play only if every bet will be made consistently for one option. Usually it is red/black or even/odd. It is strictly forbidden to change the choice during the game.
The disadvantage of this method is that the player must have a decent amount of money before starting to play. For example, even if the first bet is $1, after 6 losses the bet will be $243. And this, of course, is a large amount in an online casino.
Besides, some casino online, in order to protect themselves from this and other similar methods, impose limitations on the number of equal bets. This means that in a certain cycle of the game, the gamer will not be able to bet on the originally chosen option in real money casino.