Unlock your exercising potential

In my experience one of the biggest barriers to exercise is not including something one enjoys. We often think ‘exercise’ should include a gym membership but a gym isn’t enjoyed by all. Doing something is better than doing nothing, so incorporating enjoyment is optimal for adherence. Other things to consider is including strength training, frequency of training and raising HR to max or close to.

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February 4, 2021

How Can a Health Coach Help You?

As a holistic nutrition and performance coach, my fundamental role is to support and guide my client to achieve their desired personal health goals. My 4 Steps to Getting the Right Nutrition Coach for your to achieve your personal health goals.

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September 20, 2022

The role of soil in the health of the planet

  Soil is bloody amazing!! I devoted a recent blog post to the role of soil in regenerating the land – see here: But I wanted to revisit soil as it’s such a phenomenal living organism which harbours more organisms than all the rainforests on the planet combined..ever! Rhizobacteria (bacterial microbes) work in synergy with […]

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January 12, 2021

Don’t undervalue your sleep!

Are you a Lark or an Owl and do you allow those natural tendencies to play out?  Perhaps you’re a lark and if undistracted would hit the pillow consistently around 8 pm but because you have pressure from work to complete deadlines and work late that doesn’t happen. 

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