How Can a Health Coach Help You?

A health coach is a relatively new term so it’s no surprise there is some scepticism or uncertainly about what they are and what they do.

I’ve had the good fortune to work in the health and fitness industry since 2005 and over this time crafted and evolved my position on health and longevity. It takes study, learning and experience to firstly understand and then covey the mechanisms for health. I’ve been helping clients for 16 years now to attain better health, get better sleep or lose weight but only now is there a need to put a title against the work I do.

So let me break it down…

As a holistic nutrition and performance coach, my fundamental role is to support and guide my client to achieve their desired health goals. This sounds pretty straight-forward, right? Well, it can be but it’s also highly personalised, individualised and nuanced. A nutrition coach works/consults with their client intimately to delve into the clients’ sensibilities, lifestyle, proclivities, wants and needs, in other words, one size fits all approach DOES NOT work.

We are all geared differently, just look around your inner circle and you’ll recognise different personality types, different motivations and attitudes which is the benefit of working with a nutrition coach. They understand.

As complex as this area of work is, it is also where the gold is.

If the coach can see through the eyes of the client then you’ll be well on the road to success from day one.

In my experience, there are a plethora of reasons to recruit a nutrition/health coach from wanting to lose some weight for the wedding day, have more energy for the kids, correct dysfunctional gut balance, to be beautiful at 50…and many more. Whatever the motivation is the coach is there to support you in achieving those goals whilst leaning into the clients’ values. The stronger the desire for those goals is the greater the adherence to the plan, further to this the motivation has more success if the driver is from an intrinsic source, for example, “I want to lose weight to have more energy for my kids”

My 4 Steps to Getting the Right Nutrition Coach:

1. Do some detective work.

As with any specialised work getting a recommendation is key. Just like you would for a plumber, mechanic, or hairdresser it can cut out a look of leg work asking for suggestions or recommendations. The next thing to do would be looking for testimonials or reviews on the practitioner online.

2. Initial consult

Once you have found the coach the first thing you’ll need to do is to reach out and enquire about the nuts and bolts of their operation, how much does a session cost, how long are they and how are they conducted are all good starting points. Then assuming you’re happy to proceed book in the initial consultation.
This first point of contact is often the make or break, assess whether you have a connection with him or her and if you feel comfortable and safe to share your story.

3. Be open to change.

The key to success with adhering to a healthy lifestyle long-term is to make small incremental changes over time. The coach should guide you on what changes to make and they should take into consideration your lifestyle, work habits and routines. If the changes are too radical or hurried adherence is unlikely. Remember it very much to do with forming new habits whilst dissembling old habits which were not serving you which can take some time.
It’s very likely you won’t strike gold immediately, but the coach should help to pull leavers to ensure you’re still achieving your short-term goals. Be open to change and accept small edits along the way.

4. Accountable

The coach is there to guide and support but also to hold you accountable – it is imperative to have 100% transparency as this will help the coach understand your current position and what the best strategy should be moving forward.

We have our limitations, and a good coach should know this – it’s not the role of the health or nutrition coach to diagnose health conditions. If there is a need for diagnosis, then the coach should refer on to ensure each practitioner stays within their professional lane.

If you need further help with choosing the right person for you or have questions about coaching in general simply email: [email protected]

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