Health Hierarchy

When it comes to health we can be very easily convinced or swayed by a shiny new superfood, piece of workout equipment or adaptogenic supplement. We all want health and we all want it today. Our decisions on our health are largely based on emotion. 80% of all purchasing decisions are based on emotion and only 20% on logic. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how health trends go viral and how we can lose sight of what will help us the most.

In the years I’ve been in this industry I’ve seen trends come and go, some stick around longer than others but by and large trends are just, well …trends! In the 2010’s it was all about superfoods, turmeric, cacao, maca, then we saw the birth of primal movement or Zoo which disappeared in Australia as quickly as it appeared and then there’s been keto, primal, paleo. And let’s not forget the detox teas, ice baths, exogenous ketones and mediation.

It’s not that I’m a sceptic – far from it. It’s not that the things listed above don’t drive health, they do but let’s not get too distracted and tied up in knots by bright shiny new things Prioritise the things that drive health using a hierarchy.

The simple illustration below highlights what areas form and create our foundation and which are at the pointy-end.

Working on the areas at the base of the pyramid will yield the largest results and once these have become consistent and automatic you can invest more time/energy into areas further up the pyramid.
At the top of the pyramid, I’ve inserted SUPPS which include food-like supplements, ergogenic aids but also adjuncts to health such as sauna, ice-baths and massage.

For those starting on your health journey I wouldn’t recommend fasting, ice-baths, sauna and cordyceps straight out the gate as this getting too granular with your health, I’d recommend targeting sleep and nutrition to encourage a solid foundation from which to build.

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