Health Coach Tip#1: Set Realistic Goals

The taste of failure is sour and rancid and I’m sure we have all experienced it in some form or another. I’ve failed at business and in relationships and the only good to come from failure is retrospective learning. You learn how it went wrong and how to do things differently in the future to avoid history repeating itself.

The term ‘failure’ is an omnipresent force in the health and weight loss realm. The reality is that there is no failure as such. 

Firstly, there is no ‘ideal’ lifestyle to aspire to because what works for you might be different to what works for me, therefore keeping a lid on reality will help to manage expectations. 

Similarly, avoid aspiring to be someone in the media, be it a model, athlete or musician. Such comparisons are futile as we are all different and walk in this world differently so can’t expect to have the same legs, chest or biceps as people in the media. Aspiration isn’t a bad thing, but turning inwards might serve you better, aspire to be healthier, fitter, a better parent etc. 

When beginning a new health strategy it’s crucial to set yourself up for a win. By this I mean don’t make the goal unrealistic as you’ll be bucked off before you’ve left the stable. Sure the end goal can be ambitious but install goals between now and then. For example, you may wish to lose 30kg, however, to lose 30kgs requires time, diligence and adherence and not hitting your target quick enough may mean you ditch the strategy prematurely. However, installing smaller goals along the way keeps you more accountable but also ensures you attain a level of satisfaction.   

Below is an example of small, realistic goal setting: 

Goal 1 – Clean out pantry/fridge of processed foods
Goal 2 – Eat predominately natural for 1 week
Goal 3 – Lose 1 Kg
Goal 4 – Learn 2 new healthy recipes
Goal 5 – Start meditating 1 minute a day
Goal 6 – Lose 1 kg
Goal 7 – Eat predominately natural for 1 month

When you extrapolate this approach out you can quickly see the number of small yet realistic and attainable goals along the way to losing 30kgs. The end goal hasn’t changed yet the path to get there looks different. When you don’t hit the incumbent goal it’s considerably more manageable than contending with the hideous prospect of failing the entire task.   

Set yourself up for success rather than failure. 

It’s an important part of the journey to acknowledge the wins and give yourself a mental pack on the back. The very act of doing this will help to put into perspective any discrepancies you may encounter along with the way, it’s a way to contextualise the journey. Without building this into your strategy you are more likely to exaggerate any discrepancies which can potentially buck you off the horse. 

Losing 30kgs can only happen by losing the first 100 grams so breakdown the main goal into smaller bite-sized manageable and realistic goals to create a framework that promotes increased positive feedback loops. Losing 30kgs may take 18-24 months for some individuals, therefore creating 10-20+ smaller goals will help adherence by increasing accountability and positive reinforcement when you successfully hit the intermediary goals. 

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