Essential Friends in the Kitchen

Hi, Custodian of Your health!

The safest and only way to know exactly what meat you’re consuming is to buy it and cook it yourself.

Eating out at a cafe or restaurant can be a little harder to distinguish the quality of the meat unless the cafe or restaurant is singing about their premium produce from every point of sale or space on their menu it’s fair to assume that they support non-regenerative farming practices – because let’s face it hormone-free, organic and grass-fed/finished is currently more expensive. This being a massive consideration when curating your supply chain and minimising your cost of goods to maximise profit margin.

Take a look at your local food court or high street and see how many venues are embracing organic and grass-fed/finished meat whilst similarly how many would be supporting intensive farming in a bid to keep costs low. The food systems in the US have effectively priced out produce farmed in regenerative ways. Hell, the cost of a McDonalds Big Mac in Australia is $5.85 – which wouldn’t buy you many organic nectarines let alone much grass-fed/finished ground beef!!

The whole system is f*cked up – how can a whole meal (Big Mac) be cheaper than fresh organic produce – it’s zero wonders we see the rates of non-communicable diseases across the western world. The current food system is skewed to favour empty calories – McDonald’s is a cheaper option than organic fresh broccoli or a grass-fed/finished steak. To ensure you’re the custodian of your health it’s necessary to buy, prep and cook MOST things you consume at home with your own hands.

After all, our health is determined by what we do most of the time over the longest period. I’m not naive enough to suggest everything you eat needs to be made at home with real food but if most (70%, 80%…90%) is, then you’re setting your physiology up for success and health! Worth noting that everyone’s starting point will be different too, if you’re just at the beginning of your health journey home-made food might occupy 20% of daily calorie intake, conversely you might be an ace at this and be one of those people that spend most of their time in the kitchen – fermenting foods into their labelled jars, simmering broths and brewing kombucha.

Get excited about being in your kitchen, by investing in a new knife, new chopping board or simply giving it a good clean. Do whatever it takes to ensure you’re coming back to the kitchen time and time again to cook healthful and delicious food for you and your loved ones.

Happy Cooking!

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