Common Myths #1

As a health and fitness professional since 2005, I’ve heard just about them all over the years. From breakfast being the most important meal of the day to eggs causing cardiovascular disease. Let me unpack some of the common myths so we can put them to bed, draw a line in the sand and focus on what will legitimately trigger weight loss and health.

Everything in Moderation 

If ever there was a vague, non-prescriptive approach then ‘everything in moderation’ is it. Its inability to have a clearly defined position on nutrition is fundamentally its downfall. ‘Everything in moderation’ is the scapegoat or antidote to a prescribed approach because it allows for so much flexibility, personal interpretation and a clear lack of boundaries.  

I honestly don’t feel this attitude serves us on the whole.

What is ‘everything’ and what is ‘moderation’??!?!

The highly subjective nature means there are very few if any, parameters. Having parameters is necessary for a strategy, otherwise, it’s not a strategy and we are simply throwing all and anything at the wall to see what sticks. Following a diet, a protocol, or a strategy means embedding some ‘rules’ which involves some discipline all designed to deliver your desired outcomes. 

However, ‘everything in moderation’ removes rules and erodes discipline making it difficult to see significant results. 

The other thing to consider is the pernicious effect of inflammation and its life cycle. Eating certain foods can spark an immune response which can take 30+ days to resolve. Now, if we layer on the ‘everything in moderation approach and eat those certain foods several times a week or even every day because of the lack of boundaries then our immune system is putting out spot fires day in day out…stalling our ability to live with optimal health. 

We need parameters to anchor to and keep us in a particular groove, ‘everything in moderation’ is neither here nor there…we need boundaries, they help to keep us on track and accountable.

Our definitions of ‘everything in moderation’ would vary from person to and it’s fair to assume not all versions of this approach would be health-promoting. 

Generally speaking, the foods included when referring to ‘everything in moderation would be in the less healthy category. Where does one draw the line – doughnuts, cookies, alcohol, drugs, ?? 

It’s not to say you can’t have flexibility in a strategy, you most certainly can. 

Flexibility is an element that will help with adherence, as a strategy without flexibility is too dogmatic. 

However, it’s important to set the boundaries first and layer over the top the flexibility rather than having no fixed plan in the first instance.

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