Who is Scott?

First and foremost I’m a father and a husband, I have two boys and a girl and live in Sydney’s northern beaches.  Secondly, I’m a holistic nutrition and performance coach.

Born to publicans in the UK I developed a taste for home-cooked food which has strongly shaped my public message decades later. I’ve always been invested in my health and fitness but for many years in my late 20’s, I was putting my energy in the wrong place.

This led to an injury that turned my life and identity upside down.  I was unable to return to my old life of exercising without pain for 7 years until I put the focus of recovery on nutrition.  I deep-dived into nutrition and explicitly what would serve my body and give it the necessary bandwidth to heal and repair.

Nine years on from that decision and I’m still as passionate about conveying the potency of natural nutrition as being therapeutic and medicinal.

On my personal journey of what makes us living longer and healthier, I’ve amassed 9 published books since 2013 published through Hachette.  I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. I have curated several online health programs to help subscribers to become the “Custodian of their Health”

I have also co-founded The Good Farm, bringing regeneratively farmed produce to doorsteps across NSW. Knowing WHERE our food has come from is integral to understanding human health and the security of our global ecosystem.  I wrote a book in 2019 (The Sustainable Diet) which helps us navigate our food systems.  Every time we buy consciously we cast a vote for sustainable food production and a world in which we all want to live.

If I can help with your health goals I will ….

“Be healthy, be happy!”


Scott Gooding Project | Health Coach Australia